Hey y’all! I’m Casey and I am a brand new blogger! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m super excited! Starting a blog is what I felt God calling me to do for a while now. I just never knew what I could possibly write about to get people to stick around. Then I started thinking, and I realized that everybody has a different story, something unique that they can bring to the table. No two people have the exact same story.

So my blog, The Christian Book-Worm, is going to be about me and my walk with Christ. I  like to read, hence the name of the blog, so I will be sharing a lot of books that I read that help me to further understand things and help me to grow stronger in my walk with Christ. Every post is going to be real. Being fake is exhausting so you’re going to get the real me!

Hope you stay along for the ride!